Welcome to the website of NSVV Heyendaal, the student volleyball association in Nijmegen!

About NSVV Heyendaal

NSVV Heyendaal is a volleyball association for students that was founded in 1967. Heyendaal exists of students from all kinds of studies, at the Radboud University as well as the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN).

Today, NSVV Heyendaal exists of thirteen women’s teams and five men’s teams.
The teams are classified as follows. This season, Women 1 is active in the third division, Women 2 in the promotion class, Women 3 and 4 are active in the first class, Woman 5 until 9 in the second class, Women 10 and 11 are playing in the third class and Woman 12 is active in the fourth class. Also, since 2018-2019 there has been founded a trainings team, Woman 13.
In 2018-2019, the Men 1 team is active in the second division. Men 2 and 3 are playing in the first class, Men 4 in the second and the Men 5 team is playing in the third class.

All teams practice on Monday at the Radboud Sport Centre (RSC) or at the Jan Massink Hal (JMH). Additionally, Men 1, Men 2, Women 1 and Women 2 also practice on Wednesday at the RSC. The home matches of Men 1 and 2, and Women 1,2 and 3 are on Saturday at the RSC. The rest of the teams play their home matches on Thursday evening at the RSC.

NSVV Heyendaal is not only about playing volleyball. There are several fun activities organised during the year. For example, every year the volleyball players can enjoy each other’s culinary arts at Diner Rouler, or write articles in the Heybul, which is our club magazine that is released four times a year. Two times a year there is an internal volleyball tournament and there are many, many more activities!
Also, NSVV Heyendaal organises three events that are available for non-members. At the beginning of the season we start with the ‘Openingstoernooi’. The ‘Friends of Heyendaal’ grass tournament (VVH gras) takes place in May and the ‘Friends of Heyendaal’ Beach tournament (VVH beach) takes place in July. Would you like to join these tournaments, please contact the Internal Affairs via internerelaties@nsvvheyendaal.nl.

All of these activities can only take place thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of our members. The committees work with much eagerness and fun every year to make sure their own activities succeed.


Are you interested in playing volleyball at NSVV Heyendaal? Sign up here. Depending on your level there might be a waiting list. Would you like to obtain information about joining a team? Please contact the technical committee via tc@nsvvheyendaal.nl.

For all other questions, feel free to ask the members of the board. Their contact information can be found in the schedule below.

Chair Leonie Ebbes voorzitter@nsvvheyendaal.nl
Secretary Gijs Jochems secretaris@nsvvheyendaal.nl
Treasurer Lisa Asbroek penningmeester@nsvvheyendaal.nl
Internal Affairs Roel Veerbeek internerelaties@nsvvheyendaal.nl
External Affairs Helen Peeters externerelaties@nsvvheyendaal.nl
Volleyball Affaris Neele Rave volleybalzaken@nsvvheyendaal.nl


NSVV Heyendaal has several partners who support the association. Our main sponsor is Café Daen. We organise all our gatherings and activities here.

If you have a sport injury, we advise you to visit Bottendaal. They are our physiotherapist and will help you with great advise, exercises and treatments.

All our other partners can be found at the bottom of every page.